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Biblical understanding about Israel

July 27, 2016

Being a subservient Church to Israel and the Jewish people.

Eduart Demo grew up in Albania, a communist country that proclaimed itself to be the first atheist country in the world. When the regime fell in 1991 he heard about the existence of God for the first time. He started reading the Bible, became a believer and learned about God’s love and the special position the Jewish people has in God’s plan with the nations.

Subsequently the desire grew in him to share the message of God’s love and mercy with others. When he concluded his study in medical science in 2001, he decided to fully commit his life to the Gospel. He became a Church-planter and gave himself over to further developing these newly planted churches, especially amongst (former) Muslims.

Concerning the Jewish people the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for Eduart (or “Edi” as he is generally known). While reading in the Bible he realized that this people has an important place in God’s plan with this world. He also started praying for Israel every day. He remembered his father’s stories about his great-grandfather who provided a safe hiding-place for Jews during World War II. In this respect Albania is an exception in Europe. It is the only country that counted more Jews after World War II than before. Not only were the “own” Jews protected but also Jews from other countries received shelter during the years 1939-1945.

Through a mutual friend Edi met Andrew Tucker, executive director of Christians for Israel International (C4I), who informed him about the mission and international network of C4I. Again it felt like “coming home” and Edi got involved. He organizes conferences for Church leaders and congregations in Albania with Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer (President of Christians for Israel International) as main speaker. He also translated the “Why Israel?” book into Albanian. Amongst the Christians of Albania exists a considerable desire for biblical education about God’s plan with and about His loyalty towards the Jewish people.

He also organizes numerous local meetings in churches. Edi: “The people’s reactions are overwhelming and I discover that we lay a solid foundation for the future.”

It is Edi’s heart’s desire to expand the work in Albania (and Kosovo too). Edi: “We are looking forward to involve and train more and more people in this important work so that we as a Church in the future can be (even more) subservient to Israel and the Jewish people.”

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