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July 25, 2016

Growth in Brazil

Since 2015 the work of Christians for Israel International in Brazil has grown considerably. Valerie Nogueira is very closely involved in this development. Together with a brand new and devoted team she is dedicated to spread the C4I message in Brazil and from there into the whole of South America.

Valerie Nogueira is aware of the fact that she is dependant on God and views the growth of the work in the light of Joshua 24, where the success of the people of Israel is not a result of their own efforts but has everything to do with God’s blessing. This is how she wants to interpret the growth and expansion of the C4I International work in her region.

New love
Since Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer’s visits to Brazil (first visit in 2014 and most recently in March 2016) a new love for Israel sprung up in the Brazilian Churches and many doors opened for the message of God’s love for His people and His Covenants with them. Andrew Tucker’s visit, a couple of months ago, also meant an important step forward in the structure of the organization and the development of the Brazilian training centre. Presently an office building is available from which the regional C4I International network can be operated.

In November 2016 a number of meetings are scheduled with Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer in no less than eleven large cities, among which a large conference in Belo Horizonte with the leaders of C4I International’s partner organizations, viz. Gideons 24/7 from North and South America, Africa, Europe and the Far East. Meanwhile, previously made TV-recordings find their way just like the Portuguese translations of the “Why Israel?” book.

Youngsters are involved in the work as well and three of them participated at the beginning of July 2016 in the International “Isreality Tour 2016” in Israel. Valerie: “The development of our work is a stunning journey so far and it feels as if God has pressed the “fast forward-button” to achieve His goal. We just love to be available for His service!    

Watch the photograph of the Brazilian team below.


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