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June 29, 2016

The Dovbnya family from Mezhygorie. 

There are only two Jewish families living in the small village of Mezhygorie in the Zakarpattia Oblast region. One of the families has three children and is currently in the aliya process. This is the story of the second family - Dovbnya Viktor, Viktoriya and their kids - Lada (6) and Nikolay (8).

This family got help to process the papers and at present they are about to go to the embassy and get visas. Both the husband and wife do not have a job, so they can do nothing to earn something. Therefore our aid in the form of transportation to Boryspil airport could not have come at a better time. Viktoriya has always worked in governmental institutions where the wages are minimal. The family always succeeded in making both ends meet. 

The Dovbnya family has distant relatives in Ashdod, so there were no doubts or debates as to which Israeli city they would go. When we brought her a food parcel, Viktoriya showed us what was left of her own products, and you know, those were really the last ones. In fact, I saw this family was in deep need and poverty. Viktoriya didn’t want anyone in the neighbourhood to know about their decision, so when they were visiting the embassy, everyone else thought they went to visit relatives. Viktoriya has parents who live in Luginy town in the Kiev region.

Hopefully, we will be able to visit them again in the very near future. The parents first want to see how their children will cope with this aliyah process!

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More and more people want to prepare their documents in order to be ready to leave Ukraine and go to Israel. Because of the long distances that people have to travel to reach the embassy in their district, Christians for Israel will facilitate their transportation by renting small and big busses to drive groups from the same area to the Israeli embassy in their region and later on to the airport for a 'one way' flight to Israel.

The average cost for one person is € 135 / US $ 150


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