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June 29, 2016

Chyshki village, Busk region. The Kolba family - Zenek, Galia and their children: Uliana (15) and Iryna (14).

The children are scheduled for the consular check to apply for the Na’aleh program.

Almost 10 days ago, Zenek, the head of the family fell ill. There are no doctors in the village and the distance to the nearest regional centre is seventy kilometres. It was quite a shock when I discovered that the children didn’t go to school last year because the family had no money for the transport services.

We came to their house in the pouring rain. This village has only one street and can be reached by car only. The living conditions of this family are extremely poor. As a result of this the sanitary conditions of the family leave much to be desired. Zenek and his wife have two girls who are 14 and 15 years old respectively. They met the requirements to qualify for the Na’aleh program. Their Jewish descend has always been a problem in the family, since they live in a Ukrainian village.

Zenek’s hands are very important for the family, for he’s the only one who can do all the physical work in the family, like chopping wood et cetera. So, his family is very anxious about what will happen to Zenek next, for he has lost a lot of weight, is bedridden and wants to die. But Zenek is still young, he’s only 54 years old. I spent some time persuading him that he should not ask to die, because it’s only the Almighty God who knows how long each and everyone of us will walk upon the earth. Furthermore Zenek’s family needs him.

We decided to pay for the expenses for obtaining passports for each family member and also for the transportation costs when the family will undergo the consular check in Kiev on July 7, 2016. Galia’s eyes filled with tears the moment she opened the food parcels we brought them.

The director of Sochnut in Lviv joined us for the visit. (“Sochnut” is Hebrew for the Jewish Agency for Israel; in Hebrew: ha-Sochnut ha-jehudit (הסוכנות היהודית)) She was very grateful for having the chance to visit the Kolba family, since it is the most distant family in her jurisdiction that is not within easy reach.

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The average cost for one person is € 135 / US $ 150


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