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June 23, 2016

Israel Open 2016 Fair - Kiev 

For many years already, Christians for Israel in Ukraine has had a close and fruitful cooperation with the Jewish Agency “Sochnut”. Day by day, the joint efforts bring forth more fruit.

Each year the Jewish Agency organizes fairs and this year (2016) has broken all previous records in terms of attendance by the public during the day - around 2,000 people came to Kiev by bus from different regions.

These are the people who are in the middle of the aliyah process as well as those who have never thought of emigrating from Ukraine to Israel. Others are currently having some doubts or are about to make the final decision to go up for aliyah.

This year, for the first time we had an amazing opportunity to represent Christians for Israel during this fair! During this year’s “Israel Open 2016 Fair” organized by the Jewish Agency we got some space and tables to tell more about what we do and explain how it all works.

During this seven hour fair our table always remained crowded, spirited and extremely busy, we didn’t even have a chance to rest a bit. The atmosphere around our table was complemented by Jewish music and never-ending PowerPoint presentations about the work we have been doing for so many years already. Needless to say, we were more than happy to share the wonderful opportunities Christians for Israel has had for each and every Jew who wants to come back to his or her roots.

We handed out more than 1,500 booklets and anticipate a lot of feedback the following day.

We were visited by people we met earlier in different regions of Ukraine. However, the most special moments happened when we met families whom we have comforted and encouraged by reading together the Bible verses about aliyah, some time ago.

Meeting with the representatives from Karmiel, Kiryat Yam, Ashdod and other cities who were present at the fair, gave all of us new emotions and connections.

All our volunteers did a great job especially when four or five and sometimes even more people were approaching our table at once.

Hopefully, this cooperation will last for years to come, so that we all may be truly blessed to see the words of the God of Israel being fulfilled again and again!

Please support our Aliyah work in Ukraine. Any amount is welcome!

More and more people want to prepare their documents in order to be ready to leave Ukraine and go to Israel. Because of the long distances that people have to travel to reach the embassy in their district, Christians for Israel will facilitate their transportation by renting small and big busses to drive groups from the same area to the Israeli embassy in their region and later on to the airport for a 'one way' flight to Israel.

The average cost for one person is € 135 / US $ 150

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Watch the photos below

Overview of the fair

Christians for Israel's stand on the "Israel Open 2016 Fair" in Kiev on June 5, 2016 (next to the stand of "First Home in the Homeland") was called: "Extra help with repatriation!"  

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