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June 16, 2016

Support Summer Camps for Children in Ukraine

With great expectation, people look forward to their holidays. It makes no difference whether they stay at home or travel to a holiday destination near or far. This, also, is true for children in Ukraine. But due to the continuing war in the south eastern part of the country, inflation, unemployment and rising food prices, many will have to simply stay home… or not? 

We would like to offer a holiday at sea to 300 children, partly from war zone Lugansk, for 21 days.
The costs are € 10 | US $ 12 per day per child. 

It is important for these children to get away from the war-zone, and that the younger children are accompanied by their mothers. You might wonder why they don’t just go to Israel. We ask the same question, but in every family or situation there might be a delay in departure for various reasons. They include: incomplete official documentation, men serving in the army and elderly and sickly Jewish people who are unable to leave and are dependent on the care of their children/grandchildren. 

In association with the Jewish Agency, we will tell the children about Israel, and the teenagers about the many possibilities to study in Israel with an Aliyah/return study program. Good information is important. 

Please support the summer camps for Jewish (orphan) children in Ukraine. 
All donations are welcome!

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