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January 21, 2016

Winter 2016 in Ukraine

Since the end of December 2015 the country has been in the grasp of winter, with temperatures of -22 degrees centigrade. And, when the cold abated somewhat, we were blanketed by mountains of snow causing parts of Ukraine to become inaccessible. Fortunately we distributed hundreds of food parcels in the eastern part of the country in the beginning of December and, until the end of the month, an additional 1,800 food parcels in the central and western parts of the country.

A few days ago we went to a small place we did not visit in a while, and we were surprised to see young families waiting in the queue to receive food parcels! We spoke to some of them about Israel, and they listened with great interest.

“Hear the word of the LORD, you nations; proclaim it in distant coastlands: 'He who scattered Israel will gather them and will watch over his flock like a shepherd.” Jeremiah 31:10

We are told that an increasing number of families are unable to pay their accounts, caused by the doubling of heating gas prices, and the continuously increasing prices of food. Especially the lower income group and pensioners are suffering because of these conditions.

Next week we will be distributing food parcels, as requested by the Jewish community in Chernivtsi, close to the Romanian border. Nataliya, our Aliyah worker, will be visiting Jews in Lvov and surroundings, and thereafter we are going east to Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe and Mariupol to meet Jewish refugees.

When we return, we have an appointment with the food retailer, and we will order food products for the packaging and distribution of another 2,000 food parcels!

Every now and then we are asked: do you only assist Jews with food parcels? Our honest answer is yes, because there are many organizations that assist Ukrainians in different ways, and we honestly cannot assist everybody in need. And the distribution of food parcels goes hand in hand with sharing God’s Word, where often and clearly the ‘return’ is addressed, e.g. in Jeremiah 31:10-14.

Please support the food parcel action. One food parcel costs a mere € 10 or US $ 12.

Your contribution will make a poor Jewish family in the Ukraine very happy, while giving us the opportunity to share with them God’s promise about the return to the Promised Land, and to offer our help in preparing to make Aliyah. 

Koen Carlier - Aliyah Field worker Christians for Israel

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Watch the photos below.

The minibus is loaded and ready to go

On our way through the Ukrainian countryside

People need to sign when they receive a foodparcel

Waiting in line to get a foodparcel, before that I shared to all of them about Israel and aliyah

Baking oil we hand out seperately to prevent leaking

The most needy Jews receive a foodparcel and need to sign

Thank you C4I and contributors for the foodparcels

This young family is very intrested to hear more about Israel

The bus is empty, back to the warehouse to load more for other places

Winter in Ukraine is a joyfull time for the children


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