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January 28, 2016

Ugandan Defense Force prays and fasts for Israel!

By Jos van Westing (C4I International – Manager Fundraising and development) 

In early January 2016, I was privileged to be part of an amazing event in Uganda. Drake Kanaabo, our Regional Director for East Africa, organized a five day prayer and fasting event in Uganda for one hundred and seventy officers of the Ugandan Defense Force. This is the first time in history that such an event has occurred, and it represents a break-through following the way Uganda mistreated Israel and the Jewish people under the rule of dictator Idi Amin.

The whole event was organized by Christians for Israel Uganda, together with Brigadier General David Wakalu, assisted by General Michael Ondoga. Many high-ranking officers came together for intercession for God’s chosen people and the Promised Land.

Almost all Ugandans love Israel and it is heartwarming to witness their intensive prayers, as this is a contrast to so many other countries today!

We were honored that the Israeli Deputy Ambassador to Uganda and East-Africa, Mr. Nadav Peldman, based in Nairobi, Kenya, attended this event. Together with Drake Kanaabo, the Deputy Ambassador and I were transported by canoe from the mainland to Bussi Island in Lake Victoria, where the event took place. The Deputy Ambassador was also invited to officially open a new Medical Centre Doctor’s Village on the Island.

As he noted in his speech to the participants, Ambassador Peldman was greatly impressed by the love for Israel that he experienced.

Collective repentance

All the officers collectively expressed their sorrow about what happened in 1976 during the Raid on Entebbe under dictator Idi Amin, in which Jonathan (Yoni) Netanyahu lost his life, as well as the expulsion of Israeli’s from Uganda under Amin. Even though eighteen Ugandan soldiers lost their lives during the Israeli intervention on the airport to set the hostages free, until today these events have been a heavy burden on the Ugandan Military.

The officers repented on behalf of the whole Ugandan Defence Force for the enmity shown by Uganda to Israel over the decades, and officially asked the Deputy Ambassador to forgive them as an Israeli, on behalf of the entire Jewish Nation: this was a very emotional moment.

During the event I had the opportunity to teach the participants about God’s plan for Israel, the Church and the nations and to explain to the officers about the Mission and Vision of Christians for Israel International. The message was very well received, and although most of them were born-again Christians, the officers, were astonished to hear many new insights from the Bible, as they are so much influenced by replacement theology.

Other speaking engagements

Another opportunity I had was to speak at a school camp outside Kampala with two hundred youngsters about Israel for just one hour, but it had a great impact on these children between 15 and 20 years old as they were only familiar with the idea that THEY are the New Israel! We showed them from the Bible that this is misleading!

Furthermore, I was asked to speak in the Church of “Volunteers of Salvation Outreach Ministries” (VOSO) of Pastor Sarah Mikisa in Kampala. Once a year all two hundred and ten church members spend a whole week to pray day and night for Israel. Pastors from other churches were also invited as visitors in order to learn about Israel.

I have never experienced more love for God’s people than in this place where they start with the National Israeli Hymn (in Hebrew!) and of Uganda every day! Remarkably, many of them, including Pastor Sarah, have a Muslim background.

Eight and a half hours of teachings in two days about God’s plan with Israel made them more hungry for the Word of God, so one night we finished at 11.30 hrs. The Why Israel? Teachings were a revelation to them and they plan to repeat this every year.

Quoting what so many Ugandans told me: “I am blessed”. 

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The Israeli Deputy Ambassador to Uganda and East-Africa, Mr. Nadav Peldman, was invited for this event and we were all transported by canoe from the mainland to Bussi Island in Lake Victoria.

The Deputy Ambassador officially opened the new Medical Centre Doctor’s Village.

Eight officers, including General Ondoga, were baptized by Drake in Lake Victoria. What a joyful occassion!!

The Deputy Ambassador and some of the officers of the Ugandan Defense Force.

The military operation to get all the officers, equipment and mattrasses with small canoes to Bussi Island, where Drake and Josephine Kanaabo founded an orphanage for 160 HIV children.






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