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December 8, 2015

World's largest Menorah in Maastricht - Netherlands

More than 300 people attended the lightning of the world's largest Menorah in Maastricht, Netherlands on the 7th of December (the 2nd night of Hanukkah). The Menorah was erected in front of the City Hall. The Mayor of the town, Annemarie Penn, welcomed everyone and stated that she was proud that such an event could take place in Maastricht, despite all the turmoil in the world. 

The Menorah, shaped in the form of the Star of David, was built in 2013 bij Christians for Israel Netherlands. It is a landmark that illustrates the light that Israel and the Jewish people are to the world, and it symbolizes in a beautiful way universal values such as friendship, tolerance and appreciation.


Chief Rabbi Jacobs of the Netherlands gives a speech



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