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December 5, 2015

Blessed speaking tour in Thailand

On the 20th of November we fly to Bangkok to meet Rev. Willem Glashouwer. We have scheduled teachings, conferences and church services from 20-29 November. 

We start on Friday evening the 20th of November with a seminar attended by 250 people. The next day we continue the seminar. More and more people come to listen. In the afternoon the book 'Why Jerusalem?' is available in Thai, it came from the printer just in time. This is the third book of Rev. Glashouwer in Thai, his books 'Why Israel?' and 'Why End Times?' were already translated. Later that day we celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights: Hanukkah together with representatives of ELAL Airlines.

The trilogy is now available in Thai!

On Sunday morning we go the Praise Church where 500 people attend the service. Through the teaching of Rev. Glashouwer, the church receives a greater understanding of Israel. One day Jesus will return to Jerusalem and from Jerusalem peace will flow into the whole world!

In the afternoon we attend a prayer meeting in the Rom Yen Church, where we learn how we can pray for Jerusalem from Isaiah 62. We have to be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem 'who will never be silent day or night'. God invites us to 'give Him no rest, till He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.'

We are invited by the CCT on Monday, the biggest church organization in Thailand, to meet with the general-secretary. We give him a book of 'Why Jerusalem?' and we talk for 30 minutes. Hopefully they are willing to open their doors to the message about Israel. That afternoon we drive to a city 100 km south of Bangkok, Sri Racha, to go to another church. 

Conference in Myanmar
On Wednesday we depart with four representatives from Thailand to Myanmar for the 'Christians for Israel Asia Pacific Training and Leadership Conference. This is our first time in Myanmar!

Representatives from Christians for Israel from China, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Pakistan are present, all willing to spread the message about God's love for Israel in their countries. The Ambassador of Israel to Myanmar opened the conference and he gives us an update on the present situation in Israel. It is very encouraging for him to see that Christians support Israel, because they do not have many friends in the world. 

The Israeli Ambassador to Myanmar and the team from Thailand

Back to Thailand
On Saturday we return to Bangkok, where Rev. Glashouwer does three more teachings. Many people attend and many books are sold. We hope and pray that we can organize more teachings in 2016, and spread the message further!


Kees & Willemijn Brouwer
Christians for Israel Thailand



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