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December 10, 2015

The message about Israel goes into Asia in many languages

By Andrew Tucker, Executive Director Christians for Israel International

Christians for Israel (C4I) organized its Third Asia Pacific Training and Leadership Conference in Yangon, Myanmar from 26th – 28th November.

Forty Myanmarese pastors came to this conference - including many youth leaders. Several had travelled two days or more to attend the conference.

They were joined by 35 delegates from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India and Pakistan – each of them committed leaders committed to the C4I Mission and determined to raise awareness and teaching in their nations about God’s purposes with Israel, the church.

This was the first time that the message of hope about Israel has been preached in such a significant way in Myanmar. The Christian community in Myanmar constitutes about 10% of the total population of 50 million. Churches are spread through this large country, that now seems to be entering a period of relative stability following the election of of Suu Kyi, and is developing and opening up to more international relations.

The conference was wonderfully prepared by Pastor Pau and his team, under the wise supervision of Christians for Israel Asian Director Wilson Ng.

All the local participants received a copy of the newly-published Myanmarese edition of the book “Why Israel?”. They listened and studied intensively as the Christians for Israel leaders taught from 8AM to 8PM. The sessions were opened with precious sessions of prayer and worship led by a dynamic young team.

The conference was officially opened by the Israeli Ambassador to Myanmar, His Excellency Mr. Daniel Zonshine, who spoke about his own personal history, the current challenges facing Israel, and the many opportunities for Israel to partner with and bless nations in Asia. We were also blessed to have as speaker the representative of the Jewish community in Myanmar, Mr. Sammy Samuels. In the period prior to World War II there were about 3000 Jews in Myanmar, most of them from Iraq, Iran and Egypt. Most fled the Japanese army in 1942, and today there is a small community of about 20 Jews who maintain the synagogue in Yangon.

In the course of eight one-hour sessions, Rev. Willem Glashouwer led the participants in Bible studies on the special calling of Israel and its meaning for the church today; the unique significance of Jerusalem in the history of God’s purposes from the time Abraham met Melchizedek (Genesis 14) to the future coming of the Messiah; and through - studying the prophets Daniel and other prophets and the book of Revelation - God’s purposes with Israel, the nations and the Church, the Kingdom of heaven, the rise of Anti-Christ and the Coming of the Lord in the last days.

Harald Eckert led four sessions dealing with: the development of replacement theology in the church from the second century AD until the 20th century; Israel, the nations and the “Valley of Decision” at the time of the Coming of Messiah; and prayer for Israel and our nations.

Andrew Tucker provided clarity about the Vision and Mission of Christians for Israel. The primary mission of Christians for Israel is to raise awareness in the Church worldwide about God’s purposes with Israel and the Jewish people. Christians today are called to make a fundamental choice. Just as Ruth chose to accompany Naomi back from Moab to Bethlehem, so we Christians need to walk with the Jewish people in their difficult journey home today. Andrew also provided an overview of the modern political and legal history of Jerusalem from the destruction of the second Temple by the Romans in 70AD to the 20th century; and the conflict in the Middle East today. 

Pastor Pau, Harald Eckert, Wilson Ng and Willem Glashouwer

Harald Eckert, Andrew Tucker and Wilson Ng




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