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December 1, 2015

Bring the Jews Home - An emotional farewell, also for us!

We have known Liliya Presler for many years. She was the right hand of Holocaust survivor Rita Schweibes, who is responsible for the small Jewish community in Tulchin. Liliya always accompanied us whenever we visited the mass grave in a forest close to a small village in Ukraine, to listen to Rita’s horrific story! Liliya knew what Rita was talking about because her mother too had survived the Holocaust.

Liliya’s only son Alexander made aliyah four years ago. Last summer we met Liliya and her two sisters at an aliyah seminar. She told us: “I am here to learn more about making aliyah (returning to Israel) and all the necessary requirements.” During previous visits we pointed out to Liliya and to the small Jewish community in Tulchin that what has been prophesied in the Bible will happen in that way, whether you believe it or not. But we also realize that it takes a lot of courage to actually leave everything behind and get ready for what most people would call an unknown destination.

I gave thanks to the Lord
During our previous visit to the Jewish mass grave Liliya was not there. Rita sighed: “My best friend is leaving for Israel for good.” We collected Liliyah and her sister the previous day and while saying farewell with Rita both women wept! Saying good-bye was difficult for us as well this time. We had a five hour drive to go to our hiding place in Kiev. In the evening we had a delicious meal and indulged in reminiscences. Nataliya, our aliyah field worker said: “Liliya, I can hardly believe that you are leaving for good now.”

Early next morning we left for the airport. Other drivers brought twenty-five Olim in total. While saying goodbye Liliya told us: “Last night I woke up and started to pray and gave thanks to the Lord for all the work you are allowed to do and all your practical help in addition to it.”  

Please watch the photographs below.

Koen Carlier
Aliyah field worker Christians for Israel Ukraine

Providing transportation to the Israeli Embassy and airports.
More and more people want to prepare their documents in order to be ready to leave Ukraine and go to Israel. Because of the long distances that people have to travel to reach the embassy in their district, Christians for Israel facilitates their transportation by our own transport or renting small and big busses to drive groups from that area to the Israeli embassy and airports in their region. 

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The photographs: 


Liliyah Presler (right) saying goodbye to her most precious friend and Holocaust survivor Rita Schweibes!

Liliya Presler (second right) and her sister Asja Braverman (fourth right)

Emotional farewell from friends

Saying goodbye to friends

The time to go, often the most difficult time for olim and those staying behind

Part of the road, driving to Kiev on village roads

From left to right: Liliya, her son Alexander came from Israel to help his mom and her sister Asja

Instructions at the airport by the Jewish Agency

We call these 'olim bags'

Happy faces, finally Liliya and her siter Asja making aliyah!


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