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October 29, 2015

Mazal Tov! from Odessa

Since 1996, Tikva has engaged in a constant search mission for Jewish children in need from the southern regions of the former Soviet Union, specifically Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Russia. Tikva employs thirty full time staff in order to seek out, document and rescue these destitute Jewish children. Last year alone, Tikva found over a hundred indigent and imperiled Jewish children. Christians for Israel supports Tikva, that is being led by Rabbi Michael Brodman, a grandson of the well known Rabbi David Brodman

Tonight (October 8, 2015) in Odessa we celebrate the marriage of Ira Michalova to Gideon Blubshtein. Ira is a girl who came to the Jewish orphanage 15 years ago after her mother died and her father abandoned the family before she was born. 

Tikva took her in when she was 6 years old and cared for her through the difficulties of abandonment, death and being alone in the world. Except she wasn't alone. Tikva was always there , holding her hand to first grade, graduation, entering University , finishing University and now taking her to her wedding tonight. Wishing her a very happy and blessed marriage.


The happy couple Ira Michalova and Gideon Blubshtein 



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