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November 5, 2015

Another Tikva Miracle

Since 1996, Tikva has engaged in a constant search mission for Jewish children in need from the southern regions of the former Soviet Union, specifically Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Russia. Tikva employs thirty full time staff in order to seek out, document and rescue these destitute Jewish children. Last year alone, Tikva found over a hundred indigent and imperiled Jewish children.

Tikva operates three children’s homes and two university dormitories in the heart of Odessa. The Infants’ and Toddlers’ Home cares for forty children, from newborns to five-year-olds. Eighty girls, ages 6 to 16, live in the girls’ home. Seventy-five boys, ages 6 to16, are raised in the boys’ home; and two university dormitories house a hundred and thirty of Tikva’s home graduates who continue with higher education.

In the process of creating these homes, Tikva has reunited dozens of siblings, now living together in the loving familial atmosphere of this compassionate and caring Jewish community. Christians for Israel supports Tikva, that is being led by Rabbi Michael Brodman, a grandson of the well known Rabbi David Brodman. We help with meals for the children in the orphanage. Most orphans that leave the house make Aliyah and build a future in Israel.

Tonight (October 16, 2015) we are celebrating the wedding of Siroga Zagladin. Siroga (or Yonatan) was at Tikva for 13 years after having been beaten and abused at home. His sister (who was at Tikva Homes and married a Tikva Student - Slavik Gochman ) told me tonight that they were so afraid to be at home that they used to sleep outside the house. Her mother was taken to hospital with serious bleedings and concussions from the beatings. Siroga came to Tikva after leaving hospital where he received treatment after he broke his hands and feet falling out of a tree when he ran away from home. 

After six months in hospital we took Siroga in to our Homes. Tikva were his parents for thirteen years. We cared for him, clothed him and gave him all the psychological and educational care he needed. He graduated our Tikva University and last year decided to go to Israel and join the Israeli Army (IDF) where he serves today. Lea Shamayava (Sirogas' bride) frequents our Tikva Israel Program and that is where they met. Once again, you have saved another life, built another home, created another family. They too, owe their lives to you! 

Be proud of your miracle !!

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Siroga Zagladin and his bride Lea Shamayava

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