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October 14, 2015

Extreme need amongst the Jews in Ukraine

Shalom Friends,

The people of Ukraine have been severely impacted by the ongoing social unrest and violence in the region in the last two years. Christians for Israel hopes to distribute 30,000 food parcels this year amongst the struggling Jewish families, via our local contacts, especially in the east of Ukraine. These parcels are handed out monthly to Holocaust survivors, needy families, Jewish refugees, children and the sick. 

Jews in Ukraine often have to make distressingly difficult choices. Will I pay for a nutritious meal or will I buy medication? Will I pay the apartment’s rent or buy a meal? Will I feed my children or pay for school books? During the harsh winter months ahead, this problem will loom even larger for many of them.


A food parcel means far more than a bag filled with edible articles. It is a sign of friendship that demonstrates your support for our Jewish brothers and sisters, and shows them that they are not alone. And it allows us the opportunity to share the message: leave for Israel, the country where the Jewish people belong. Increasingly, this message has been, increasingly, taken to heart during the past few years: large numbers of young people, refugees and the elderly left for the Promised Land. 

God is fulfilling His promise to His people,
in our generation! 

Will you help?
The ingredients for the food parcels are purchased at a wholesaler in Ukraine.
Food parcels, costing € 10 or US $ 12 are packed by volunteers and distributed throughout Ukraine.

Are you prepared to donate one or more food parcels? We need your help urgently!

Koen Carlier
National Coordinator Christians for Israel Ukraine




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