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October 1, 2015

A happy homecoming

This summer we published the story of the Ukrainian-Jewish girl Nastia on our website. In April 2015 her grandmother and her uncle left for Israel. The farewell was heartbreaking. Perhaps you remember this farewell story which we published earlier. The girl’s health – suffering from a muscular disease – deteriorated during the summer. Nastia’s condition became so serious that the Ukrainian doctors were at a loss.

Nastia’s only hope was to go to Israel. Especially due to your help, Koen Carlier and his team in Ukraine could send her off to Israel with a specially chartered airplane for her. She flew straight from Ukraine to Israel where she was taken to the hospital right away. The doctors were initially shocked by Nastia’s condition. Fortunately her situation stabilized and the girl miraculously recovered more and more.

Today Nastia is doing fine. She left the hospital and is happily together with her parents in her home country. The doctors are even optimistic that she might outgrow her muscular disease. It is a happy and hopeful homecoming. Thank you very much for your support!


Nastia and her grandmother






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