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September 24, 2015

Yom Kippur - a time for Christians to repent

Christians for Israel in The Netherlands organized two services for confession and repentance on Monday evening 21st September.

“We have treated the Jewish people very badly. We have mistreated and misused the words which were entrusted to Israel”, said Rev. Kees van Velzen who led the service in Woerden (Netherlands).

Rev. van Velzen reflected on Daniel 9. “Why did Daniel pray in sackcloth and ashes, and confess his own sins as well as the sins of his people? Because he knew that God’s word was true, that the seventy years of desolation were finished and that God would rebuild His temple in Jerusalem. He prayed in order to fully enter into the heart and mind of God.

Daniel is an example to us Christians today. He encourages us to understand that God is fulfilling His purposes in our days, and to confess our own past sins in mistreating the Jewish people”.

In solidarity with the Jewish people, Christians for Israel encourages Christians around the world to bring the suffering of God’s people before God in confession and humiliation.




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