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September 9, 2015

Aliyah update from Ukraine - Olesya Bogolei and the Prokopovich family 

Olesya Bogolei has just stepped on the path to make her dream a reality! 

Today in the morning I (Nataliya Krizhanovski) met a very interesting passenger – an on-coming olim. Right now she makes the first step – flies to Israel as part of the Na'ale-program. It’s an incredible opportunity for teenagers to enter a school in Israel for 2 years. Some call it: "First children Aliyah, then parents".

That’s why the parents who stay near their 14 year old daughter do not make Aliyah at the moment. Olesya’s father is a military officer who has no right to leave the country at present. The mother of the young girl is a Halakhic Jew (her mother was a Jew) and she really wants to get back to their roots. We wish Olesya all the best in her life. May God bless Olesya!

Olesya Bogolei and her parents

The Prokopovich family is quite big and consisting of mom, dad and 3 children. Due to poor economic health of the family budget they had to move out of Kiev and into the village of Rokitne. They were literally barely making ends meet!

Lydmila (mom) was, for the most part, taking care of the children while Dmitrii (dad) was working. The eldest daughter is 17, the youngest child is 4. The moment we met for the first time, their eldest daughter’s shoes tore. We covered the expenses for processing their passports for them and refunded their ticket costs from Rokitne to Kiev and back and drove them a couple of times to the Israeli embassy in Kiev. The family got a permission to make Aliyah and we all are very happy about that!

Lydmilla Prokopovich and her three children (Nataliya on the right)

Nataliya Krizhanovski
Aliyah fieldworker Christians for Israel



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