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September 8, 2015

Krimki village - Aliyah Update from Ukraine

Quite recently we began taking care of Jewish refugees from the East now living in a school in Krimki village, which is located in the Cherkasy region, see map below. The village is 200 kilometers to the south east from Kiev. It’s difficult for Jewish refugees to get to the capital of Cherkasy, located on the right bank of Dnieper River, to process necessary papers and pass consular checks – there are a lot of children and elderly people amongst them. 

That is why we started the following practice – driving people from the Cherkasy region to Kiev to pass consular checks as well as to prepare the missing documents – passports et cetera, in one visit. The Cherkasy region is inhabitated by Jewish people with diverse personal qualities and different political views. Kiev chief rabbi Moshe Asman takes care of them personally. 

People have kosher food there, and we’ve already sent detergents a couple of times and warm clothes. This time we met 9 Jews and helped them process foreign passports. There are elderly people and small children and taking into account the long way they have to travel, they usually rent a small bus and as Christians for Israel we pay for their round trip tickets. The charge for these tickets involves considerable costs. However, to tell you the truth, the moment you see the faces of these people once they receive help and feel the support – the money issue does not seem so important. 

Nevertheless your support remains vital for enabling us to keep doing our work!

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The Cherkasy Region

Jewish refugees from Krimki village getting ready to make Aliyah




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