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September 8, 2015

Mission of C4I Italy among Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem 

Christians for Israel Italy went on a mission trip to Israel to help Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem, from 20-28 of August 2015. The team from Italy comprised of 13 people from various cities in Italy. They went to Israel to give their support and love to the Holocaust survivors through their hearts and hands. 

The team from C4I Italy made themselves available to do all kinds of odd jobs that needed doing in the homes of the Holocaust survivors, including painting of houses, cleaning of windows et cetera. There was a lot of work to be done, but the team had a great desire to show their love and support towards them. 

Many people asked: 'Why do you do this to us? The whole world hates Israel, but you are here to clean our houses?" Ylena Berstein, the Director of Beit Gil HaZahav, the institute were the team worked, was very impressed by the work that C4I Italy did. We were able to accomplish this trip and all the work with the help of the Lord. We give all glory to Him!

Edda Fogarollo Cristiani
Israele Italia (C4I Italy) 

The team from Italy ready to get going!



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