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September 2, 2015

The Slobodyanyuk family from Berdychiv

Aleksandr and Inna are a couple from Berdychiv - the city, known for its big Jewish population, from which a lot of Jews have already made Aliyah. Aleksandr is a construction worker, he’s a jack-of-all-trades. His wife Inna is a disabled person of group I, so she hasn't had a job for a very long time. 

Some time ago Inna was diagnosed with cancer. The surgery would cost thousands of dollars, but the family has never had such a huge sum of money (social or health insurance nearly do not exist in Ukraine). The couple knew that Israel’s health care is outstanding and one of the most efficient in the world. Still it is very expensive. But God’s hand was always upon this family. 

Once, Aleksandr and Inna were at Hesed (Jewish organization that provides different social help) and they heard that Israeli citizens can have free-of-charge medical care and the couple realized that this is the very chance they were waiting for. They had all the papers on hand except for a couple of documents. 

It took almost 3 months to obtain their passports, find missing papers and finally get the permission from the consul to enter the Land of Israel. Aleksandr’s mother, Maria, is also on the point of moving to Israel. She’s a Jewish widow and it was quite a task to find a paper proving this via the governmental organization, but thanks to God’s grace they obtained it and Maria is flying to Israel in 2 weeks. They are very grateful for the support provided by Christians for Israel that helped to cover numerous trips to Kiev, getting around inside the city and obtaining their passports.

Aleksandr and Ina Slobodanyuk at the airport in Kiev

Location of Berdychiv in Ukraine southwestern of Kiev

Church near Berdychiv

Berdychiv coat of arms




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