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August 7, 2015

Update: Nastia arrived in Israel!

Our urgent call for help to Nastia from Ukraine (a very sick 4 year old Jewish girl) to Israel received great response. Nastia was able to travel to Israel a few days after our appeal! A special plane from Israel came to transport Nastia and her parents. In Israel the girl will receive better medical attention, whereas in Ukraine no further treatment was possible. 

An ambulance brought the little girl and her parents from the hospital to the closest airport in Ukraine. There she was carried into the plane and flew off to Israel with her parents. Nastia's situation was and still is critical.

Arrival in Israel
In Israel Nastia was taken to the hospital right away. The doctors in Israel did not expect her to be in such a severe situation. Nastia's condition is still very critical. She is fighting for her life. Please pray that the Lord will heal Nastia. Pray for her parents and family, who already made aliyah a few months ago. 

Nastia's parents and our Aliyah fieldworker Alina 

A doctor and a nurse take Nastia from the hospital to the ambulance

 The plane waiting at the airport

Nastia is carried into the plane 

 The plane leaves for Israel


 Nastia with her mother in the hospital in Israel. Her situation remains very critical




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