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August 4, 2015

URGENT CALL FOR HELP: Bring Nastia to Israel

In May 2015 a Jewish lady, Galia and her husband, Genadi left for Israel together with their son Igor. Their other son, Sergey, his wife Nataliya and their 4 year old daughter Nastia stayed behind in Ukraine. Nastia is affected by muscular dystrophy. 

It came to our attention that Nastia's condition deteriorated rapidly in the last months. She is very sick and is in the hospital at this moment. The doctors in Ukraine cannot do anything for her, but in Israel there is chance that she recovers. The family yearns to go to Israel to visit the Israeli doctors who are ready to treat Nastia as soon as she would arrive in Israel. However, the transportation of this young bedridden girl by plane is a very costly affair. There also needs to be a doctor and medical equipment on board. 

One of our fieldworkers in Ukraine, Alina, wrote to us: 'It is uncertain if she [Nastia] can be transported in such critical condition. But to keep her here in Ukraine means to loose her. Please pray. Only God can change the situation. We need a miracle!'

Time is running out, please help this little girl fly to Israel! 

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 Nastia in May 2015  






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