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July 2, 2015

New Israeli ambassador to Ukraine met with the heads of Evangelical Churches and Unions

The Ambassador of the State of Israel to Ukraine met with the heads of Evangelical Churches and Unions on Wednesday, June 24, 2015. The event was a joint initiative of Dmitriy Mishkur (the speaker, coordinator of Church Relations “Christians for Israel Ukraine” and coordinator of the dialogue and cooperation between Ukrainian Evangelical Christianity and the Israeli Embassy to Ukraine) and the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine Eliav Belotserkovskiy.

The meeting took place in the building of the Ukrainian Bible Society in Kiev. From the state of Israel Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Eliav Belotserkovskiy and Deputy Ambassador Yitzhak Carmel Kagan were present. 

From the Ukrainian Evangelical Community in dialogue participated: Valery Antonyuk, Alexander Babiychuk, Anatoly Gavrilyuk, Alexander Zayets, Gregory Komendant, Ruslan Kukharchuk, Henry Madava, Dmitry Mason, Dmitry Mishkur, Leonid Padun, Mikhail Panochko, Vasily Raychinets and Anatoly Raychinets. 

It was noted that our relations and cooperation got a new impulse due to the developments of the last three years, and have reached the level of friendship and partnership expressed in various joint projects and initiatives.

Heads of churches and denominations stressed that they love and bless Israel, because the Bible teaches this. And we, as evangelical leaders have the responsibility to teach people in the Church about it and declare our position in society. Regardless how the sentiments towards the Jewish people might change in society, we continue being friends and partners in the future.

In turn, the ambassador and deputy ambassador thanked Evangelical Christians for prayer and solidarity. And also for their help in saving the Jews who found themselves in difficult circumstances due to the military conflict in the Ukrainian territory of Donbas.

Both sides agreed that we have great potential for cooperation, and that we need to implement our friendship and partnership in even much more joint projects and initiatives.

Dmitriy Mishkur

From left to right on the photograph are:

Anatoly Gavrilyuk – The President of the Association of Independent Christian Charismatic Churches (of full Gospel) in Ukraine
Alexander Zayets – The head of board "of the Institute of Religious Freedom", an expert in the sphere state-confessional relations.
Alexander Babiychuk –The Deputy of head of All- Ukrainian Union of Churches of Christians of Evangelical Faith-Pentecostals, the general secretary of Ukrainian Bible Society.
Leonid Padun – Senior Bishop of the Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church
Yitzhak Carmel Kagan – Deputy Ambassador
Henry Madava – President and founder of the Center for Christian Evangelical Churches of Ukraine "Victory"
Eliav Belotserkovskiy – Israeli ambassador to Ukraine
Gregory Komendant – The president of Ukrainian Bible Society
Valery Antonyuk – The head of the All-Ukrainian Union of Associations of Evangelical Christians-Baptists
Ruslan Kukharchuk – The media manager, the head of Association of Christian Journalists “Novomedia”.
Vasily Raychinets – Senior Bishop of the Union of Free Churches of Christians of Evangelical Faith of Ukraine,
Mikhail Panochko – The head of the All-Ukrainian Union of Churches of Christians of Evangelical Faith-Pentecostals
Dmitry Mason - Founder of the Association of Churches "City of Light", the founder of the Center for Spiritual Transformation;
Dmitry Mishkur – speaker, coordinator of the Church Relations “Christians for Israel” Ukraine
Anatoly Raychinets – The secretary of Ukrainian Bible Society.






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