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June 22, 2015

An urgent call to demonstrate in support of Israel

In light of the current wave of unrelenting attacks against Israel's legitimacy, Christians for Israel, together with the European Coalition for Israel and other organizations have joined together to hold a rally in support of Israel.

To all who hold dear the value of human rights and democracy we call you to join us in Geneva at 'Place des Nations' 
on June 29th between 12:00 and 15:00

Israel is the stronghold of democracy in a region where this basic value is threatened on all fronts. Today hegemony and radicalism threaten to thwart the fervent desire of all the people of the region for a better life, a thriving economy and stable and democratic governance.

At this critical time Israel's legitimacy is being threatened on many fronts, the right to defend itself is being challenged and false allegations are being leveled in order to divert attention from true abuse of innocent civilian populations.

It is urgent for all to rally together in solidarity and show the world that we will not let agents of terror cynically abuse organizations such as the UN as a platform to wage political war against Israel and manipulate public opinion.

Your presence is urgently needed. Join us and make your voices heard!

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