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May 28, 2015

Global Prayer Call – looking back with gratefulness!

From May 10 to 12 up to 400 participants from about 35 nations of all continents came together in Jerusalem in order to look back to the 100 days of prayer and (partial) fasting, bring this period to a close and ask the Lord for how to keep up the prayer momentum for the nations in their relationship to Israel in the future.

 Some of the representatives with flags of their nations at the prayer for Israel and the nations

Looking back with gratefulness!
The first evening, May 10, after a foundational teaching on the priestly calling of the New Testament church from Antti Hämäläinen, was filled with reports about how the GPC has been picked up in many nations around the world. 

Luca Hezel, Ansgar Niehoff (Christians for Israel Germany) and Marie-Louise Weissenböck (Christians for Israel Austria) started the reports by sharing how many Christian leaders, networks and movements have joined this period of prayer. In Germany almost 25.000 prayer booklets have been printed and spread. An amazing response! Also in Scandinavia, francophone Europe, the UK and some nations of Eastern Europe a strong response was reported.

Henryk Wieja, the co-moderator of the GPC conference in Krakow, Poland of January 25-28, 2015 gave a moving report and summary of those impacting days. It also was noted that almost a quarter of the visitors of the GPC-conference in Krakow came back to this Jerusalem-conference!

 Rick and Patti Ridings and the Worship-Team of Succat Hallel

The following reports from Africa (Drake Kanaabo, Christians for Israel, Uganda and Elemi Samson, Christians for Israel, Nigeria) shared how the GPC has been spread and picked up in at least one dozen nations of Africa. The reports from Philippines and Indonesia showed how hundreds of churches in all major Islands have picked up this prayer call and prayed for Israel and their own nations. South-Korea, India, Thailand and many other Asian nations also joined in. As did Australia, New Zealand and some of the South Pacific Islands.

Especially moving was the report of Heriberto Gonzales, Ebenezer-leader from Monterrey, Mexico and prayer leader for Ebenezer South and Latin America. He reported how the GPC had been picked up by the prayer network of Ebenezer in Latin- and South-America and spread from there into a number of churches and prayer networks. He even reported about meetings in Paraguay with amazing testimonies of healing and deliverance while praying for Israel and their nation.

In a number of those nations, including the US and Canada, the Global Prayer Day on May 8/9 was implemented gratefully as a final opportunity, exactly 70 years after the end of Holocaust, to gather for prayer in the spirit of the GPC.

May 11: Understanding the challenge and meeting with Holocaust survivors
The second day of the Jerusalem-conference, May 11, was marked by a focus of understanding better the danger of many nations today to again fall into an attitude of indifference towards the need and pressures, Israel as well as the Jewish people in the diaspora are under – or even sympathize or compromise with the deadly enemies of them! A special emphasis was given to developments on EU and UN level. The highlight of the afternoon was the showing of the film “Jacob’s tears” (Hatikva film-trust, Hugh Kitson) and the visit of about 60 Holocaust survivors from the Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary and other eastern countries, followed by a concert and a beautiful time of sharing and connecting by splitting up in about a dozen smaller groups.

Afternoon with holocaust survivors. Participants sat in 12 groups, interacting and listening to the stories of the survivors.

The evening was given to prayer, first for Israel (introduction by Benjamin Berger) and then for the more than 30 nations represented at the conference.

May 12: The calling of the praying church 
On the final day more attention was given to prayer for Aliyah as well as the processes on the UN level as being a global focal point for decision making with regard to Israel. This was put into contrast to the biblical significance of Jerusalem as God’s point of reference for the nations being drawn into the “Valley of Decision” (Joel 3, 14-16). In the final message of the evening Harald Eckert, initiator of the GPC, called for the praying church around the world, to understand the signs of the times and continue to seek the Lord as to how to keep the momentum on prayer for Israel and the nations alive and growing. Special emphasis was given to the need for the apostolic and the prophetic calling and gifting coming into greater unity as well as the three generations moving forward together in mutual respect and unity. 

The prayer momentum must continue!

Three final remarks:

Rev. Willem Glashouwer, President of Christians for Israel Int. at the Jerusalem GPC conference Pete Stucken, chairman of Operation Exodus SE Asia Oceania was one of the moderators at the GPC conference
Tomas Sandel, President of the European Coalition for Israel at the Jerusalem GPC conference Harald Eckert at the Jerusalem GPC conference

Harald Eckert
Coordinator Global Prayer Call



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