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May 27, 2015

In memoriam - Lance Lambert 

Renowned Bible teacher Lance Lambert died in his home in Jerusalem on 10th May, 2015. He was 84 years old.

Lance grew up in Richmond, England. He met the Lord as a young teenager. After school he studied African and Oriental Studies at the University of London with the intention of working in China, but the revolution blocked this path. Lance lost his father and most of his family in the Second World War. In the 1970’s Lance discovered his Jewish background, and made aliyah. He lived in Jerusalem from 1980 until his death. Over the succeeding decades Lance travelled widely and spoke at many conferences and meetings in many nations. Four times per year he sent out his Middle East Updates in which he discussed the current affairs in the Middle East from a Biblical and prophetic perspective. He was known and loved by many Christians worldwide. 

Lance was an eloquent speaker and gifted Bible teacher. Full of humour and spiritual insight, he always spoke about our Lord Jesus, pointing to the Kingdom of God, and the coming of Jesus Christ. 

He wrote many books, including the international best-seller "The Uniqueness of Israel”.

Lance Lambert was one the greatest prophetic voices of our time. Words of prophecy spoken in the eighties and nineties remain as relevant as ever. 

Lance was also one of the pioneers of the international intercessory moment, having been for many years part of the leadership team of Intercessors for Israel (IFI). 

Lance played an important role in the development of Christians for Israel. He visited the Netherlands many times, and was a close friend of the van Oordt family. Lance wrote his book “The Uniqueness of Israel” while staying in the house of Karel van Oordt in Yemin Moshe in Jerusalem. He always encouraged us to continue in our calling to teach the church and to bless “all Israel”. 

We will miss Lance Lambert, but we know he is resting in the Lord, and look forward to seeing him again in resurrection life. Knowing Lance, he would probably remind us: “You must not just listen, but also act. Rejoice in the restoration of Israel, and prepare yourselves for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!”

On Wednesday May 27, 2015, a memorial service was held in Jerusalem. Roger van Oordt, director Christians for Israel Netherlands wrote the letter below to family and friends of Lance Lambert. Heleen Benard and Marnix van Ede represented Christians for Israel at the memorial service in Jerusalem. 

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The video of the Memorial service can be viewed below.



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