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May 27, 2015

Holiday, at long last… or maybe not - Help children in the Eastern Ukraine

With great expectation, people look forward to the holidays. It makes no difference whether they stay at home or travel to a holiday destination near or far. This, also, is true for children and parents in the Ukraine. But this year differs from previous years. Due to the continuing war in the south eastern part of the country, inflation, unemployment and rising food prices, many will have to simply stay home… or not? 

This year, as in previous years, we plan to pay for the meals at the Summer Camps for the Jewish orphans who reside in Zhitomir and Odessa. But the situation in the Eastern Ukraine is far more dramatic. We are now working in the east and are assisting with sheltering and returning the Jewish refugees to Israel. Since then we have received requests from Jewish organizations in the East of Ukraine, to sponsor the holiday for Jewish poor children at a resort at the Sea of Azov

It is important that the children get away from the war-zone, and that the younger children are accompanied by their mothers. You might ask why they don’t just go to Israel. We ask the same question, but in every family or situation there might be a delay in departure for various reasons. They include: incomplete official documentation, men serving in the army and elderly and sickly Jewish people who are unable to leave and are dependent on the care of their children/grandchildren. 

In association with the Jewish Agency, we will tell the children about Israel, and the teenagers about the many possibilities to study in Israel with an Aliya/return study program. Correct information is important. The all-inclusive cost for 1 Jewish child/orphan, for a 2 weeks holiday, is 110 euro. All donations are welcome. 

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Please support the summer camps for Jewish (orphan) children in the Ukraine.

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