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March 4, 2015

Bring the Jews home - A few frequently asked questions

What is the money, required for a Jew from the Ukraine, precisely used for?
The organizing of documentation, necessary for their departure to Israel requires much preliminary work. The Jews have to prove that they are eligible to return, according to the Law of Return, and they require a passport and exit visa. 

We assist with the preliminary process while the flight is paid for by the Jewish Agency. This preliminary assistance is vitally important. The people are needy, reside in remote areas, do not have their own transport, or have difficulty in traveling independently due to illness or old age. It always implies individuals who are unable to leave for Israel without assistance. 

What does the assistance comprise of? For € 135,- ($150.-) per person, everybody is taken to the Israeli Embassy in Kiev or Dnepropetrovsk twice, with distances varying between three hundred and a thousand kilometers. The conditions of the roads are fair to poorly. There are many delays due to road-blocks in the eastern part of the Ukraine. Once things are finalized, we transport the individuals to the airport; with their maximum of 75 kilograms baggage each immigrant is allowed. 

People, who must to be at the Israeli Embassy at eight in the morning before departing for Israel, are transported to Kiev the evening before their appointment. In that instance, we organize for them to stay overnight. Not included in this price is their staying, accommodation, and meals, between 2 weeks and 2 months in one of the shelters for Jewish refugees in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Odessa, Zaporozhe and other cities. For € 300,-  ($330) you help one Jewish refugee from the East for shelter and accommodation before they make aliyah.

Assist and donate!
Your contributions, during the past years, have enabled tens of thousands of Jews to return to Israel. There are many more Jews who wish to return, but they too require financial assistance. Will you please help them?

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