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March 18, 2015

Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer visits Denmark at invitation of Ebenezer Exodus Emergency Fund

At the invitation of Ebenezer Exodus Emergency Fund and accompanied by his wife Marianne, Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer visited Denmark from March 6 through 15, 2015 to deliver lectures, seminars and conferences on Israel. With the result that in June 2015 the book “Why Israel?” will be published in Danish by one of the biggest Christian publishers, called “Scandinavia”, titled: “Hvorfor Israel?” The lectures took place in Horsen’s Frikirke, Rander’s Pentecostal Church, Aalborg Menigheds Center, Herning Frikirke and Copenhagen’s Freechurch Bethel.

The Jewish community in Denmark is still in shock as a result of the brutal murder on a young Jewish man near the synagogue in Copenhagen. Jonathan Moeller Sousa of the Jewish Dansk Zionistforbund (Danish Zionist Union) told Willem Glashouwer: “A shock went through the Jewish community in Denmark. Presently many ask themselves: how long will it still be safe for us to live in Denmark? Or do we have to leave from here?”

At the Israeli Embassy in Copenhagen Willem Glashouwer met with deputy ambassador Roi Dvir who told him and the delegation with Georg Berthelsen from Ebenezer Denmark and Kirsten Nieland, wife of Pastor Per Nielsen of the United Christian Broadcasters (UCB): “How great would it be if the Christians of Denmark would express their moral support openly for Israel and the Jewish people. For example by means of protest marches and by using short messages on Facebook and other modern media!” The heart-warming meeting lasted for over an hour and will undoubtedly lead to closer contact between the Israeli Embassy and Christian groups in Denmark.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has called upon the European Jews to emigrate to Israel after the murder at the entrance of the great Synagogue of Copenhagen. “Israel is your home country. We will get everything ready and call upon you for a massive emigration from Europe.” The Prime Minister’s words look very much like the words he used a month ago after 17 people were killed in Paris in a terror attack. Four of the victims were Jews.

“Extreme Islamic terrorism strikes Europe again. In Europe Jews are killed because they are Jews. To the Jews of Europe and of the entire world I say: “Israel is awaiting you with wide open arms”, “Netanyahu said in a statement.

During this visit to Denmark various Christian leaders urged Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer to start and develop the work of Christians for Israel International in Denmark. 




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