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February 18, 2015

Global Prayer Call - Sydney, January 24-25, 2015

Friday 24th

The Global Prayer Call (GPC) initiative kicked off the International effort of 100 days of prayer for the people of Israel beginning at the commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz/Birkenau Nazi death camp, and which will finish on the commemoration of the end of World War II.

The co-ordination of the GPC in Australia was undertaken by Operation Exodus (a ministry of Ebenezer Emergency Fund International) based in Sydney and also with representatives of Christians For Israel Australia and a number of other independent individuals whose hearts are committed to Israel and the Jewish people. It was very pleasing to see a wide representation of many denominations who are committed to praying for Israel and the Jewish people.

Four nations from the Asia Pacific region were represented at the GPC, those being Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea; four nations who have historically always supported the nation state of Israel, but who have also all, to their shame, betrayed and failed Israel at various times as well.

Session 01
The GPC commenced on Friday 24th after dinner with a time of worship, explanation and then prayer for our respective nations.

The primary overview, structure and explanation of the format for the weekend was presented as well as the vision of the GPC, the global initiative and all those involved and their backgrounds which became the impetus for the GPC.

A brief history of our region and our nations was presented which was followed by a time of solid prayer for all that we'd heard and learned and for the coming days and months of the GPC around the world.

All attendees formed into small groups that were individually focused on the four nations represented, and from these groups confession was made and repentance was offered for the sins committed by our respective governments and nations committed against Israel in years passed, seeking forgiveness from the Lord. 

Saturday 25th
The day was broken into six sessions in which we continued with the previous evening's format of explanation, worship and immediate prayer, using the small group structure where we followed the well laid out schedule ensuring all important issues were covered over the entirety of the weekend. The important issues prayed for were:

Session 02
• Confession of the sins of our nations against Israel and the Jewish people
• Confession of our nations pride, rebellion and anti-Israel sentiment at various times in our histories
• For our support and calling for a Two-State Solution which is in opposition of God's Word
• For the churches Politically Correct and both active and passive anti-Israel attitudes and actions
• Thanksgiving for the ways our nations have supported Israel

Session 03 (the Church)
• The exposure of the lie of 'Replacement Theology'
• The spirit of truth and revelation within the Church and Church leadership across denominations
• Confession of the sin of the Church conforming to the world instead of being the salt and light and conforming to God's Word
• For the Church to turn to the Lord's people and pray for the peace of Jerusalem as per His Word
• That the Church would become a strong voice of opposition to the division of the Land of Israel

Session 04 (Our Nations)
• For the gift of humility
• For reverential fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom
• That our governments align their decisions with God's Word; ie. to bless Israel and not curse Israel
• That anti-Semitic politicians and influencers would be both exposed and removed from their positions
• That our governments would not conform to or succumb to pressure from the UN agenda
• That our nations would support rather than hinder Aliyah
• That our nations would bless and comfort Israel
• For truth in reporting by the media and that lies and agenda driven reporting would be exposed
• That our education facilities, schools and Bible colleges would include truthful education curriculums regarding the Holocaust and the legitimate establishment and rebirth of the State of Israel
• The cessation of appeasement of and the political correctness toward the Islamic agenda that de-legitimizes Israel
• For the disintegration of the BDS organization and its international campaigns and affiliates around the world

Session 05: (Israel - issues relating to the natural, physical needs of the nation and people)
• The blessing of rain for the agricultural and daily needs of the people
• For secure borders and protection from terror attacks both external and internal
• Wisdom and strategies for the government in dealing with both domestic and foreign issues
• Protection of the IDF
• Economic prosperity and ongoing growth and development of all areas of business and technology
(Israel - issues relating to the spiritual needs of the nation and people)
• The gift of repentance poured out and for the hearts of the people to return to the Lord
• Regathering of the Jews still in the Diaspora
• Reminding the Lord of His covenant with His people
• That the nation would collectively be courageous and unified
• For the salvation of the Jewish people, that the blindness would be lifted from them
• That Israel will come fully into her God-given calling and destiny

Session 06: (Corporate prayer for our nations)
• Softening of hearts within our nations and our national leaders
• For sustained and uncompromising support of the nation of Israel
• Blessing of our nations

After the evening meal we were treated to a wonderful information evening with Lynda Bene-Menashe, the Community Relations Manager from the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies. She gave everyone a good overview of the issues facing Israel, of the disinformation spread far and wide concerning the happenings on the ground and the lies perpetrated by Israel's enemies and the media's complicity and how we can confidently and effectively dismantle those arguments and claims.

Lynda also shared her own story and that of her family and her husband's family, and like so many in the Jewish community, their tenacity and determination to hold onto their heritage and their community cohesion in face of great misunderstanding, opposition and even threat.

Sunday 26th
The local attendees left the evening before and the international guests began the day with a visit to the Central Synagogue of Sydney and some time with one of the main clergy in charge of Pastoral Care, Rabbi David Freedman.

Rabbi Freedman explained the history, structure and function of the Synagogue and also what life is like for Australian Jews and how global events are influencing and impacting them. He shared some of his own perspectives of the relationship between the Jewish community and the Christian community and also expressed his appreciation toward us and our various pro-Jewish organizations for taking the time to not only visit their synagogue, but for our ongoing love for and support of the Jewish community and the nation of Israel. He also allowed for a Q&A time which was quite fun and interactive.

After our time with the Rabbi we drove to the Sydney Jewish Museum where we were thoroughly blessed by Eddie Jaku, a German Jewish Holocaust survivor of 95 years of age. He shared his story, reducing the majority of us to tears on many occasions and then hosted us through the museum itself and even joined us during our lunch break.

Eddie was inspiring, entertaining and very encouraging. He challenged us to tell the truth, fight for justice and oppose hate wherever we see it. His greatest concern bordering on disbelief is that after a mere 70 years since the greatest Holocaust of human history, with survivors and eye witnesses still alive to tell the truth and an undeniably monumental amount of evidence, there are people all around the world denying that this human catastrophe ever occurred. We were challenged with the task to keep the truth alive and educate the coming generations especially in light of the fact that there are regimes around the world committed to repeating the attempted genocide of the Jewish people by Hitler during WWII.

After the visit to the museum, the remaining attendees returned for the final evening meal and the last prayer session of the GPC weekend.

Session 07: (Israel, our nations, and the church in our region)
• Recognition that we are here 'at such a time as this' in our history, to vocally and practically stand with Israel
• Consecration of our own lives for the Lord's purposes at this time in history
• Mercy for our nations and for the hearts of our countrymen to turn to the Lord
• For the Church universally in our region to become an 'Esther/Mordecai' company in these Last Days
• For Aliyah of the South East Asia region Diaspora Jews, for their protection, blessing and salvation
• For the establishment of places of refuge wherever needed at the right time
• Blessing of the ministry of Ebenezer and other like-minded ministries

Ian and Mandy Worby, Christians for Israel Australia.


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