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February 12, 2015

Standing With Israel For Such A Time As This Conference - Kalinga, Phillippines

Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer, President of Christians For Israel (C4I) International, and Rev. Conrado Lumahan, National Director of C4I Philippines, were the guest speakers and lecturers for “Standing With Israel For Such A Time As This” Conference that was held from January 29-30, 2015. The Conference was held at BCF Convention Center, Tabuk City, Kalinga, Philippines. 

There were about 400 participants, including 259 registered participants of which over 50 were bishops, district executives, presbyters, and pastors. Through the teaching and preaching of Reverends Glashouwer and Lumahan, the Spirit of revelation has obviously opened the eyes of the participants, knowing that without the Holy Spirit, we would ever be hearing but never understanding, we would ever be seeing but never perceiving. Through the revelation of the Holy Spirit transformation takes place. 

At the opening night a number of people came to the saving knowledge of Jesus at the altar that confirms the power of the Gospel. And many have received the touch of God in their lives. We have been receiving a very good feedback from the participants, and have heard four testimonies from them at the last night of the Conference. 

The fallacy of the replacement theology has been exposed through the teaching on the covenant promises of God to Abraham which was confirmed to Isaac and made as a decree to Jacob. To say that God had replaced Israel with the Church is a heresy, making Him a covenant-breaker and a promise-breaking God. 

The participants are encouraged to stand for and stand with Israel through prayers, and practical action. The participants are even encouraged to join the 100 days prayer starting last January 27 and will end on May 8. The culmination of the 100 days of prayer will be the Global Prayer Call Conference that will be held at Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel from May 10-12 and it will be followed by the Study Tour in Israel from May 13-17, 2015. 

At the last night of the Conference most pastors if not all surrounded the guest speakers and have prayed over them. Special thanks to Rev. John Binbinan - the organizer of the conference - and his congregation for preparing the food and serving in this conference. Glory be to the God of Israel.

The photographs of the  “Standing With Israel For Such A Time As This” Conference can be viewed here. 



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