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January 29, 2015

Global Prayer Call Conference in Krakow - 70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Approximately 300 participants from over 20 different nations on 4 continents gathered from January 25-29 in Krakow, Poland to commemorate the Holocaust and to launch 100 days of prayer for Israel, the nations and the church. Under the leadership of Harald Eckert (Germany) and Henryk Wieja (Poland), the first half of the conference was focused on the history of 1,800 years of Christian anti-Semitism in Europe. 

Special attention was paid to the indifference of European nations in the face of growing Nazi persecution in the 1930’s and their culmination under Nazi leadership in the Holocaust. This was followed by a visit to Auschwitz concentration camp – for some a first-time experience, and for all a deeply moving and challenging experience. Christians for Israel International President Willem Glashouwer’s message on the “Kingdom of God” and the “holy remnant in the end times” contributed powerfully to the kick-off of the conference. 

This provided the basis for the second full day of the conference, which included intensive worship and prayer and the launching of the 100 days of prayer. This launch was given an extra spiritual dimension by Messianic brothers including Benjamin Berger, and our meeting with another Christian prayer conference of primarily German intercessors for one afternoon. 

On the evening of 27th January, the European Coalition for Israel and the Jewish Community of Krakow jointly invited the participants to a concert of commemoration, which was attended by several Holocaust survivors, members of the diplomatic world, and representatives of a number of churches as well as the Mayor of Krakow. A deeply moving evening!

On the third day (28th January 2015), International Christians leaders like George Annadorai (Singapore), Chuck Pierce (USA), Rick Ridings (Jerusalem), Tomas Sandell (Helsinki/Brussels), Henryk Wieja (Poland) and Harald Eckert (Germany), were scheduled to provide a collective perspective for the 100 days of prayer and fasting, for the final GPC-conference in Jerusalem (10th – 13th May, 2015) and for the global 100 days prayer movement as we pray for Israel, for the nations and for the church on the basis of Genesis 12:3: “Those nations who bless Israel, will be blessed and those nations who curse Israel, will be cursed.” 

Photographs from the Global Prayer Call Conference in Krakow can be watched here.

More to follow. 









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