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December 23, 2014

Home before Hanukkah 

During these dark days before Christmas, a sparkling event takes place in the Ukraine. On a single day, more than 225 olim (Jewish emigrants) leave for Israel on a special flight from Boryspil airport.

Busses brought the packed and laden Jewish families to the airport, in the early morning. They were allowed a maximum of 70 kilograms luggage per person. During the past days these people, from all over the Ukraine, were brought to Kiev and housed in different locations.

Our co-workers, under the leadership of Koen Carlier, laboured day and night to collect and transport a great many of them to their appointed destination. Weeks, months, and at times some years, were required to convince these people to make Aliyah.

The recent war in the eastern Ukraine prompted, and hastened, this decision. Amongst the olim are many refugees, from the eastern areas, who were sheltered by Christian aid-workers in the vicinity of Kiev.

Yesterday we transported two families, in a long journey from the southern part of the Ukraine, to Kiev. We had ample opportunity to converse along the way. When asked about their motivation for going to Israel, a few said they desired to be reunited with family members in Israel.

The most memorable reaction came from a young father who said: “Israel is our homeland.” This confirmed the important work with which we are allowed to assist: bringing the Jews home. Next week there will be another flight with, yet again, more than 200 Jewish emigrants.

Support Bring the Jews Home, and assist the Jewish people in returning to the Promised Land

A long queue of Jewish people, with their luggage, ready to check in for their flight to Israel. Photo: C4I

This article was written by Pim van die Hoff, vice-chairman of Christians for Israel Netherlands, and editor in chief of IsraŽl Aktueel, who travelled to the Ukraine to witness the extraordinary departure.


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