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December 4, 2014

Chairwoman C4I Austria receives leadership award

Marie-Louise Weissenböck, Chairwoman of Christians for Israel Austria was awarded the "Prisca Award 2014" at a conference in Upper Austria on the 11th of October. “Prisca” is the “Forum for women in leadership” of the Evangelical Alliance.

Monika Faes of the EA and chair of the Forum held the laudation, remarking: "We acknowledge Marie-Louise’s commitment to the Jewish people, which is biblically founded and thus also her endeavour to build bridges. Through her work she becomes a blessing for many people and again and again confirms the statement made in Romans 11:18: “It is not you who support the root, but the root supports you ..”

The award was designed by Angelika Übelher and was inspired by the Garden of Exile of the Jewish Museum in Berlin. It expresses that the Jewish people had to overcome many boundaries during their history, voluntarily and involuntarily - even until this day. "



Photo: M. Faes (left) and M. -L. Weissenböck (right)


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