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December 8, 2014

First C4I South Pacific Conference in Fiji

By Graeme Lee, Christians for Israel New Zealand National Leader 

The first Christians for Israel Regional Conference in Fiji was a special time in God and a success organisationally. The Conference was the subject of much prayer and planning for a year by Christians for Israel - New Zealand. The October 22nd - 24th period was selected to allow International Board Chairman Harald Eckert to attend.

The New Zealand team and Chairman Harald Eckert arrived in Nadi (Fiji) on the 22nd October and conducted a meeting with a small group of local Fijian people (twenty) at a local Church. Maloni Bole was the Church Pastor and meeting organizer. The local people were very supportive and receptive to the teaching and wished to know more about the Christians for Israel Ministry.

Conference at Coral Coast Christian Camp in Suva

Thursday in Fiji was a public holiday allowing 70 Fijians and Indian-Fijians to attend. There was a real presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the seven teaching sessions of the day. People present were all committed Christians and long-time supporters of Israel but came to receive deeper knowledge of God’s separate plan and purposes for both Israel and the Church. 

The new Christians for Israel leader in Fiji Lepani Makubuna welcomed visitors and acted as MC throughout all proceedings.

 The first Christians for Israel South Pacific conference in Fiji


Chairman Harald Eckert spoke powerfully on four sessions. He covered his personal testimony, the structure and history of Christians for Israel International, the Global Prayer Call and church history that lead to the error of the Replacement Theology.

Graeme Lee as New Zealand’s National Leader spoke on the role of Christians for Israel to confront the anti-Semitic Replacement Theology. Graeme also emphasised the test that the Israel/Hamas fifty day war brought to the Evangelical Church in New Zealand. Would the Church stand for Israel? Unfortunately the church was all but silent. Anti-Israel rallies however were anything but silent. He gave illustrations of the rising anti-Semitism in New Zealand.

Ev. Dr. Robert Siakimotu, Christians for Israel Representative in the South Pacific also spoke with knowledge and power on the return of the Jewish people to Israel and the resultant Glory of God.

John Gummer as Secretary, Administrator of Christians for Israel NZ and Production Manager of the Israel and Christians Today Newspaper spoke on how the paper is compiled and printed and how additional copies can be sent to Fiji. All agreed the paper was an outstanding asset for todays troubled times.

Graham Simpson as Board Member and Lawyer spoke strongly on the Aliyah activity as one of the principal distinctives of Christians for Israel. Graham traced the history of Aliyah and how God is creating a continuous miracle by bringing back his people. He also explained the important responsibility of helping to re-establish the olim (people) in the land once they arrived in Israel.

John Gummer as the May 2015 Tour Organiser shared in his enthusiastic manner the slides from the March 2013 Tour. Whilst costs are high being the ‘uttermost part of the earth’ from Israel interest was most encouraging. 

Commissioning of the Leader for Christians for Israel - Fiji

Lepani Makubuna was commissioned during the Conference as the new Fiji Leader. Lepani is Pastor of a Suva Church as well as a Senior Manager in the Westpac Bank - Fiji.

Harald Eckert and all members of the New Zealand Team joined in a ‘laying of hands’ prayer ceremony for Lepani. Lepani is married to Salote. They have two sons aged 18 and 16. Lepani will liaise with Maloni and his team in West Fiji to establish a Fiji wide ministry.
 Left to right: John Gummer, Graeme Lee, Lepani Makubuna (sitting), Graham Simpson and Harald Eckert


At the conclusion, Chairman Harald Eckert was honoured and thanked for his outstanding and challenging messages. The NZ Team of Graeme Lee, John Gummer and Graham Simpson were also thanked by the Fijian brothers and sisters

John Gummer was particularly encouraged as May 2015 Tour Leader to learn that Lepani and his wife Salote will be coming to Israel in 2015! Some others also expressed their strong desire to join them!

Graeme Lee as the Conference organizer and speaker thanked Ev. Dr Robert Siakimotu for all his work in ‘preparing the ground’ for the Conference. He said he was confident God had begun a new work in the country. People that are strong in the Lord will form an excellent national team and Christians for Israel worldwide will be blessed by this newest affiliate.
 Lepani Makubuna and wife, Salote
Maloni Bole (left) and Ev. Dr. Robert Siakimotu (right) 


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