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September 23, 2014

GPC Conference in Krakow, Poland

On January 27, 2015, we, a representation of the praying and repentant church in Europe, invite praying Christians around the world to join us in crying out to the Lord, the God of Israel, in the spirit of Daniel chapter 9. May we together confess and repent of the sins of our fathers! May we turn from our evil ways, past and present! May we learn from history and nurture a warm, loving and compassionate heart toward the Jewish people in light of what they have had to suffer!

May we allow God to transform us as praying Christians and Christians in responsibility to be far more sensitive, far more watchful and far more alert regarding the plight of His People! And may He increase our anointing to rise up and take a stand on behalf of the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel in our day and in our generation – particularly as we see the Jews threatened with a second Holocaust by the overt hatred of the Muslim world and ever growing anti-Semitism worldwide.

As European ministries, dear brothers and sisters around the world, we warmly invite and strongly encourage you to send your national delegations of prayer leaders and leaders in your churches to the GPC Conference in Krakow, Poland (January 25-29, 2015) marking the beginning of the 100 days of prayer (and partial fasting).

The flyer for the conference in Krakow is shown below. The booking code for the hotels are included. When you book, you need to refer to this booking code in order to get access to booking the reserved rooms.

If you have any questions on logistics and booking for the GPC Conference in Krakow (Poland) from January 25-29, 2015, please contact Kasia Kucharska (see flyer) in Krakow, who is willing to help and assist you. For any questions beyond booking and logistics, you can approach Marie-Louise Weissenböck on


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