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September 2, 2014

Global Prayer Call 2015 - Newsletters

Calling the body of Christ worldwide to prayer (and fasting) for your nation and Israel.

The Global Prayer Call initiative was announced in our news item from March 19, 2014. The key objective is for you to pray for your own nations with regard to their relationship towards the Jewish people and towards Israel. 

On May 8, 2015
it will be 70 years that World War II (in Europe) came to an end. With this the Holocaust, the greatest atrocity and tragedy of mankind, came to a halt. On January 27, 2015, Holocaust Memorial day, it will be seventy years that the infamous concentration camp of Auschwitz will be delivered. These are highly important commemoration days – for the Jewish world and especially for the Jewish nation Israel which until today is threatened by a second Holocaust. And because this is so significant for Israel it should be significant for the Body of Christ as well as for those nations who want to be a blessing for Israel.

Being aware of the high sensitivity and importance of this period of time, around 100 days, for the Jewish people and Israel, three European ministries have joined hands in order to launch a unique, global prayer campaign. These three ministries are: “Christians for Israel International” (Holland), “European Coalition for Israel” (Belgium) and “Operation Exodus – Ebenezer International” (UK) in order to spearhead this prayer call. It is my privilege to serve as the coordinator of this campaign.

The vision for those 100 days is to encourage in many streams, networks in as many language areas, nations and continents as possible to really pray for their own nation. To pray especially with regard to their relationship with Israel. To pray for their government. To pray for the media and public opinion. And to pray for the body of Christ to be a prophetic spearhead and example for their nation with regard to the relationship with Israel. Our goal is to reach at least 100 nations in at least 10 different major languages with this Global Prayer Call 2015.

So far three news letters have been published. If you want to receive these newsletters go to the GPC website and register!





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