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August 29, 2014

Encouraging report from Nigeria

Bishop Elemi Samson from Nigeria sent us the following report about GPC in Nigeria.

For the GPC and the meetings in Nigeria, we have made tremendous progress. Many people are aware of the GPC and are continuously praying for Israel. Church leaders want to know if after the GPC meetings in Poland and Israel, if there would be a continuity for the following years. Pastor Rex is doing a good job in Lagos as more church leaders are itching to know more about the GPC and C4I within Lagos.

There is demand for the GPC book in Nigeria. I intended reprinting the book but realised that I was short of funds due to my long travels. Perhaps, I will seek for donations from friends to see if it works to help us print about 1,000 copies.

I returned to meet close to 27 persons already waiting to receive invitation to attend the meeting in Poland and Israel. We have chosen 7 persons for the GPC Conference in Krakow, Poland (25-29 January, 2015) and the rest for the GPC Conference in Jerusalem (May 10-13, 2015). Although it was impossible for us to hold the GPC meeting in Ghana, yet there are 4 people from Ghana who have signed for the Poland Conference and about 20 for the May Jerusalem Conference. I plan to be in Ghana the 2nd week of September to hold meetings for Christians for Israel as well as introduce the GPC. There are stickers and flyers still with me which I will use for the meeting in Ghana.

Elemi Samson



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