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July 23, 2014

Israel Prayer Letter Summer 2014

Dear intercessors, 

Hundreds of rockets have been fired in recent weeks from the Gaza strip into Israel. Since the start of Operation Protective Edge more than 1500 rockets have been. Hamas is claiming responsibility for all of these attacks. The residents of southern Israel are being forced to stay close to the bomb shelters. Summer camps for children in southern Israel have been closed by the Israeli army. Thousands of children are being evacuated to other parts of the country. The current IDF ground operation is intended inter alia to uncover and destroy tunnels coming into Israel from the Gaza strip. Hamas has on a number of occasions attempted to penetrate Israel through underground tunnels using them to instigate terror attacks; this is a major factor threatening Israel’s security. Hamas is also using houses, schools, mosques, and hospitals to store and launch rockets into Israeli civilian areas. The IDF is making every effort to cause as little harm as possible to Palestinian civilians, but there are many casualties. This personal email received on Friday 18th July from Michael Freund, Chairman of Shavei Israel, gives an insight into the tensions caused by the current conflict.

With a warm greeting,

Pieter Bénard
Prayer coordinator Christians for Israel

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