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July 23, 2014

The Global Prayer Call 2015 (GPC) and Christians for Israel International

By Harald Eckert.. Christians for Israel International (C4II), together with Ebenezer / Operation Exodus International (an Aliyah ministry) and the European Coalition for Israel have launched a unique global prayer initiative for the 100 days between January 27th and May 8th, 2015. January 27th, 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp in 1945 (today: UN-Holocaust memorial day) and May 8th, 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe which also brought the Holocaust to an end. Today, Israel as a nation is being threatened not only by hostile Islamic neighbors, but also by powerful anti-Semitic forces among the nations in a way that is alarmingly similar to the way Jews in Europe were threatened 70 and more ago years by Nazi-Germany and her allies. 70 years ago most of the church was asleep. What about today…?

C4II is encouraging all its friends and partners around the world, to get informed about this prayer call and to get actively involved – and to bring others along! Please visit our GPC-website at If the Lord speaks to your heart, you can take the following next steps:

1. Please make sure to read the book “Israel, the Nations and the Valley of Decision” for the Biblical and historical background of the Call to Prayer. You can download it free of charge as an E-book or PDF from the GPC-website: . If you find the book helpful, please encourage others to read it as well. Rev. Willem Glashouwer, Andrew Tucker and I, among others, have contributed to the content of the book.

2. Please mark the dates of the two global GPC-conferences in 2015:
    a) In Krakow/Auschwitz (Poland) from Jan. 25-29 and
    b) in Jerusalem from May 10-14 2015.
You will find more information on the GPC website within the next few weeks.

3. As far as the Jerusalem-conference is concerned, some of you will receive information from Andrew about our C4II-FORUM, which will take place immediately before the GPC-conference. These events are scheduled one right after the other on purpose. Please check our C4II-website … for further details and registration information.

4. Rev. Willem Glashouwer, Andrew Tucker and I are encouraging our friends around the globe to consider bringing a tour group from your nation to the GPC-conference in Jerusalem - and to plan a subsequent Israel-Tour.

For more information, please contact Marnix van Ede. (Email Marnix:

For individual registrations for the GPC-conference in Jerusalem:

Would you like to join a C4I-Study Tour after the GPC-conference in Jerusalem:

5. Please note that January 27th and May 8th (9th for CIS), will be GLOBAL DAYS OF PRAYER. Many nations will be hosting special prayer events on those days. The theme of the global day of prayer on January 27th - marking the beginning of the 100 days of (fasting and) prayer - will be the Biblical call to the Christian world: “Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.” (Isaiah 40:1). You will find more information in the GPC-newsletter and on the GPC-website. The second global day of prayer on May 8th (or May 9th in the CIS) will have the Biblical motto: “For Zion’s sake I will not be silent!” (Isaiah 62:1). Indeed as Christians with a priestly as well as a prophetic calling, we will not be silent in prayer nor in action: a) To support Israel and b) to encourage our nations to become a greater blessing for Israel according to Genesis 12:3.

6. Between those starting and finishing dates (Jan. 27 / May 8-9 2015) there will be 100 days of prayer combined with a variety of elements of fasting (everybody according to his or her faith and grace for it). You are encouraged to find partners and prayerfully develop a strategy for those 100 days that fit your Christian background, your target group and your style of prayer. You can hold prayer meetings, develop prayer calendars (print / internet), prepare or use GPC-communications for existing prayer networks, etc. Seek the Lord, talk with like-minded friends and be creative – he will show you what to do!

7. Start praying! We have prepared a simple 4-page prayer leaflet with 6+1 prayer topics: 6 for Israel and 1 for your nation regarding Israel. You can download this leaflet easily from our website You can print it, distribute the link, even translate it in your own language (If you do translate it, please let us know, others might be interested as well). There is no reason to wait. If you start praying today – for Israel and for your nation - the Holy Spirit will guide you and inspire you as you grow deeper into prayer.

Dear Christian brothers and sisters around the globe: Arise, and join with us in prayer for Israel! Pray for your nation regarding its relationship to Israel! And please seek the Lord as to how you and the Christian Church in your nation should participate in this Global Prayer Call – 100 days of prayer.



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