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July 22, 2014

Help the children of Southern Israel!

Hundreds of rockets have been fired in recent days from the Gaza strip into Israel. Since the start of Operation Protective Edge more than 1500 rockets have been launched from the Gaza strip into Israel. Hamas is claiming responsibility for all of these attacks.

The residents of southern Israel are being forced to stay close to the bomb shelters. Summer camps for children in southern Israel have been closed by the Israeli army. Thousands of children are being evacuated to other parts of the country.

Please help us provide extra beds for the children of southern Israel!

This morning we received an urgent email from David Portowicz, director of the Jaffa Institute. He writes –

“I have just ordered 100 extra beds in our centre in Beth Shemesh so that we can accommodate the children form south Israel. They have not been able to sleep for days because of the sirens. They desperately need rest. I have asked all our social workers and teachers to come in and help. I know they all had other plans for their summer holidays. But now is the time for action. We cannot wait until worse tragedies happen.
Believe me, this is a huge cost for our centre which we cannot cover from our normal budget. But we are responsible for each other, and I cannot in good conscience allow hundreds of thousands of children to spend the whole summer in underground bomb shelters. I hope you can help us.


Will you help us support this project?

In addition to the Jaffa Institute in Beth Shemesh, we will also support many other excellent initiatives in Israel to help the families whose lives have been shattered by the constant attacks from Gaza.
Our goal is to raise a total of US$500,000 from Christians around the world within the next few weeks to support these important projects.

These initiatives include –

• accommodation to evacuees from southern Israel
• food parcels for families and children of southern Israel
• temporary accommodation for families in the south
• special assistance to handicapped children in the Negev
• Food parcels for IDF personnel
• Hearing aids for deaf (to be able to hear the sirens)
• Special assistance to Jews from Yemen

Finally, we urge you to PRAY for the situation in Israel at the moment –

• Pray for the residents of southern Israel. The constant threat is causing great trauma and tension.
• Pray for the people of Gaza, who are being terrorized by Hamas.
• Pray for Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and the government of Israel – that they may have wisdom and discernment.
• Pray for the commanders and soldiers of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).
• Pray that the eyes of the world may be opened to what is actually happening in Israel and the Middle East.
• Pray for honest reporting in the media. 


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