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June 25, 2014

Christians for Israel in East Africa

Dear friends! The tour with Drake Kanaabo continues on the level it kicked off in Zambia. We now have expanded teams in South Africa and in Swaziland. In the photo below you see the expanded team from Swaziland. Two of the brothers started of in 2013. The rest was added as we have been together with them yesterday (June 24, 2014).

Some of them are leaders in one of the larger denominations of Swaziland, the African Evangelical Church. Others have access to government members and ministers. One of them is a leader of a Bible college. All of them seem to be very motivated to move C4I International forward and come to Israel. Drake and I are most grateful for the Lord for what has been possible so far. And we enjoy our growing friendship and cooperation. Greetings from South Africa, where we have a day of rest before continuing to Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia. 

Harld Eckert


The expanded team from Swaziland




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