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June 4, 2014

The Global Prayer Call and the C4II meetings in Cebu, Philippines and Hyderabad, India

By Harald Eckert.. In May 2014 I was travelling to the Philippines and to India on behalf of Christians for Israel International (C4II) and on behalf of the “Global Prayer Call” (GPC). The following report gives you an impression on both the main activities and the main results of these two trips.

Cebu, Philippines from May 8-10
Our C4II regional (Asia-)coordinator Wilson Ng and our main contact in the Philippines, Bishop Conrado Lumahan organized and invited for the 3-day teaching-, training- and networking conference. About 50 leaders from 7 Asian nations came. The majority where key leaders from the Assembly of God in the Philippines. Many of those leaders present where leaders or co-leaders of networks of churches (up to 10,000), directors of bible schools or pastors of large churches. The in-depth teachings from Rev Willem Glashouwer, Andrew Tucker and myself made a strong impact on those who listened and created an atmosphere of prayerful action for the next month and years. A specifically strong response was visible for the Global Prayer Call in the period January-May, 2015. A number of leaders from the Philippines, India and other nations showed their interest in learning more about this and possibly involving themselves in one way or the other. This is very encouraging and promising.


Hyderabad, India from May 12-14
At the invitation of pastor Ravi Sundar, one of the C4II-representatives for India, I was invited to speak at two pastors conferences. The first conference was in a city about 250 km away from Hyderabad, in the neighboring district and the second conference in Hyderabad itself. At both occasions about 30-40 pastors plus their wives and some of their children came (it was summer vacation). Those pastors have been part of a network of 80 pastors in the wider Hyderabad region under the leadership of Shalom-Ministries, led by pastor Sundar. The theme of both conferences was “Global Prayer Call for Israel”. In both occasions I first thought about prayer for Israel in general, structured in 7 fundamental topics. The second session was focusing on the Global Prayer Call 2015 and prayer for the nations (India!) with regard to Israel. Again the response was very grateful and open and at the end of our time, pastor Sundar presented me a strategic plan, as to how Christians from all over India could be invited and “mobilized” for this prayer campaign next year with 70,000 registered intercessors building the core of that movement in India.






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