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May 20, 2014

Christians for Israel Seminars in Indonesia

Christians for Israel International, together with the team of Christians for Israel in Indonesia, succeeded in conducting several seminars in Indonesia from 30th April – 6th May 2014. Two seminars were held in Jakarta and the other seminars took place in Jayapura and Biak, two cities in the province of Papua, Indonesia. The seminars in Jayapura were the very first C4I seminars in Papua.

The program was spread out over 6 days (3 days Jayapura, 1 day Biak, 2 days Jakarta) with five sessions of seminars and two sessions of revival services. The seminars in Jayapura and Jakarta included teachings and question and answer sessions. There are some points we could draw out from these events.

Firstly, these seminars confirmed that God wants His voice to be heard in Indonesia, especially in Jayapura. Before being able to start the trip to Jayapura there were some difficulties we had to face. Shortly before the departure date it turned out that Rev. Willem Glashouwer needed a special visum. An application was made and at first the visum was denied. In the end Rev. Willem Glashouwer finally got his approved visa and passport back on the day when he needed to fly, delivered via a courier from the Indonesian embassy to Schiphol. Where human efforts failed, God opens the door to start the trip.

Secondly, we were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the people in those three cities we have been visiting. They listened attentively to the message about "Why Israel?" and many are looking forward to hear about the next theme "Why End Times?"

Thirdly, God provided many people to help with accommodation, transportation and promoting the seminars, so that many would know the place and date and get the opportunity to come. The first seminar in Jayapura was attended by more than 800 participants, which was the highest number of participants in a seminar ever in that city. This was quite remarkable given that on Fridays most people need to go to work. Even some people who live outside the city travelled into Jayapura to attend the conference.

The seminar in Biak was hosted by Gereja Bethel Indonesia Rock and the other two seminars in Jakarta were hosted by Gereja Bethel Indonesia, Glow Fellowship Centre and Eben Hazer. More than 400 participants attended these seminars. In all those places, many books were sold and contribution in funds was also given by the people.



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