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May 9, 2014

Food parcels are now very important in the Ukraine 

The continuing unrest in Ukraine seems to spread now to other parts of the country. Koen Carlier, our Aliyah field worker, is in close contact with Tanya, who works as Aliyah fieldworker in the east of the Ukraine. She reported the following by email about the situation in that region: “On May 3, an anti-terrorist operation took place in the city Krematorsk (between Donetsk and Kaharkov). We were told that retailers would have problems to replenish their stocks, so we decided to buy food at the local grocery store for a number of poor Jewish families in our close surroundings.”

 Tanya and Isaak (97). He was so thankful for all people who offered money for this present

“We thank God that we managed to do this! The moment we left the store, all kinds of military vehicles and soldiers from the Ukrainian army pulled up: the anti-terrorist operation had begun. We heard gunshots nearby. Terrorists barricaded the main streets of Kramatorsk as well as public transportation. With this they hoped to stop the Ukrainian Special Forces. It all ended with a confrontation and terrorists burned many busses to stop the Special Forces.”

Tanya continues: “Today the situation in the town is a little calmer, but the road blocks are still there. Many stores in the city are closed; it is hard to buy bread. Factories and other businesses in the town are closed, as well schools. There is no public transportation and the railway is closed.”

Koen Carlier adds to this: “The developments are going fast. A few weeks ago Tanya and her team were still able to visit Jewish families in Slavyansk and hand out food parcels. This is not possible anymore, but we continue to pray for them. It is important to continue handing out food parcels. Food prices have soared, so for the poor Jewish families in Ukraine, the food parcels are now most welcome it is a great encouragement for them to receive it. We encourage all of them to make Aliyah (return to Israel). We notice that there are more people wanting to leave from the east of the Ukraine, because of the increasing unrest. So please continue to pray for the Jews in the Ukraine and for the workers of Christians for Israel in the Ukraine."



About 200 Ukrainian Jews will immigrate to Israel this month. They will be first go to one of the 42 kibbutzim of ‘First Home in the Homeland’, where they will learn Hebrew and look for a job.




Christians for Israel has set up a special fund to help Jewish people in the Ukraine to prepare themselves to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) and a fund for food parcels for poor Jewish families and holocaust survivors.

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About Koen Carlier
Koen Carlier works as Aliyah field worker in the Ukraine. He supports the Jewish communities in the Ukraine and tells them to listen to God and return to the Promised Land. When Jews decide to immigrate to Israel, Koen and his team assists them with transportation to the Israeli embassy or consulate where they need to prepare their travel documents. Finally transportation to the airport is provided. Koen is married to Ira. They have three children and live in Vinnitsa.


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