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April 2, 2014

Help brother Samson to spread the message about Israel in Central/West Africa!

Bishop Elemi Samson is Christians for Israel's Regional Coordinator for Central/West Africa. He lives in Nigeria. He develops contacts with church and political leaders in this region. He visits churches, theological seminars and schools to teach pastors and students about Israel. Brother Samson is also actively involved in developing teams of Christians for Israel in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Cameroon.

Brother Samson: "The roads I drive to deliver the Christians for Israel message in Nigeria and the rest of this region are very bad. The road conditions in the cities are quite fine and manageable but you could imagine what the conditions are in the rural areas. My initial complaint is not the bad roads per se but the long drive I make every week to deliver the message. For instance, it takes 13 hours to travel to Lagos from my home to deliver the Israel message. From my home to Abuja is approximately 10 hours drive; from my home to Owerri, Onitsha and Enugu, takes close to 9 hours drive. With these long hours of drive, coupled with the bad roads conditions, a good car is required. Sometimes, like in the coming raining season, most roads are inaccessible due to floods. The old car was a very small one but did the job though it broke down from time to time. Before my trip to Netherlands in February, this car caught fire and it is off road now as law enforcement agents have towed it to away.  But we thank God it never claimed any life."

Cost of a new car are €13,000 / US $18,000

Please help brother Samson to purchase a new car, so he can continue his work in Central/West Africa!

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