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March 25, 2014

Great open doors in Thailand

We look back with great thankfulness after having spent 12 intensive days with Rev. Willem Glashouwer in Bangkok and Chiang Mai at the beginning of March 2014. This was his second visit to Thailand, where more churches open their doors for the important message about Israel and the End Times.  

Shortly before the arrival of Rev. Glashouwer the printer finished the Thai edition of his second book, Why End Times? This book was sold in churches and during meetings. Last year we already successfully translated Why Israel? in Thai.

After our arrival in Bangkok the lectures began that same day and the next days we went from church to church. One service was attended by 700 visitors. During our time in Bangkok and surroundings, we reached about 1,500 people, including pastors, leaders and employees of churches. God worked in a great way, the message about His plan with Israel and the coming of the Lord impacted many. People even came to the Lord, praise the Lord! Many books were sold and we are investigating if we can also print English copies of both Why Israel? and Why End Times? because many people would like to purchase it.

At the end of March my wife and I had the opportunity to introduce the books of Rev. Willem at a pastor’s conference of the CCT. I had ten minutes to talk about the importance of Israel in relation to the church.
One of the pastors already had the book: Why Israel? and read it 7 times. He told me that he never read a book that so clearly explained about Israel.
More than 100 books were sold during this meeting and many of the pastors started to love Israel.

We have the impression that God will open much more doors, in order that the love for Israel as God’s chosen people may grow. We have already scheduled a new speaking tour with Rev. Glashouwer in February 2015.

Kees Brouwer






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