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February 18, 2014

Breaking the Veil of Silence – powerful seminar organized by C4I Austria in cooperation with TOS ministries, Germany

Christians for Israel Austria, in cooperation with TOS ministries, organized a powerful seminar in Linz, Lower Austria, on Saturday 15 February, on the theme ‘breaking the veil of silence.’ About 300 people from nearly all the Austrian provinces were present and attended the excellent and touching teachings. Key speaker was Jobst Bittner, Head Pastor of TOS ministries Tübingen, who has written a book on this topic. With him came a team of ten spiritual leaders and pastors who also gave their testimonies and served with prayer and counselling during the intervals. Two Austrian pastors, Helmuth Eiwen and Jakob Krämer, taught on “Austria and the veil of silence – how has Austria dealt with her past unto these days”.   

The seminar was held as preparation for the “March of life” in Austria on April 6, 2014.

C4I Austria's Chairwoman Marie-Louise Weissenböck

Every nation carries its own burden of guilt and trauma that is passed down through the generations, while a Veil of Silence prevents reconciliation, healing, and restoration. Hitler and the Holocaust caused a spiritual eclipse in Germany and Austria (amongst other nations) and covered entire generations with a Veil of Silence. While the countries in general worked through their past, the family histories were often kept sealed under a Veil of Silence.

German pastor, theologian, and activist, Jobst Bittner, provided a discerning perspective on this veil through a blend of history, theology, and psychology. He guided people to reclaim their authority by uprooting all destructive tendencies of covering up the past, uncovering their own family history, rediscovering the Jewish roots of their faith, and moving forward into action.

Jobst Bittner

Chairwoman Marie-Louise Weissenböck: ‘The lives of many participants were touched. At least 70 people came forward to openly confess the deeds of their fathers and grandfathers during World War II, repented and asked God for forgiveness for their families. It was a big breakthrough in lifting the veil of darkness that covers big parts of our country.

Read more about the first March of Life in Austria, which will take place on April 6, 2014. 




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