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January 6, 2014

Israel Prayer Letter December/January 2014

Is the present quiet the lull before the storm for Israel? Let’s realize that not only in politics many things are happening behind the screens. Most of all is happening in the heavenlies. Isn’t that the thing we ought to do, setting our hearts on the things that are above? So do intercede for Israel on the basis of God’s word and promises for His land and people. But also considering present events, mindful of Him who said: “Israel, I will not forget you!” (Isaiah 44:21) Also take inspiration from Isaiah 40:1-11, Isaiah 41:8-20, Isaiah 42:8-17, Isaiah 43:9-21 and Isaiah 44:21-28.

Pray for Israel, as the country is surrounded by terror and enmity. Pray for protection for the land, and inner certainty for the people: here we may live, here we are at home!

Wishing you a good turn of the year, connected with you in Christ,

Pieter Bénard
Prayer coordinator Christians for Israel 

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